We're all in this together… again! The wildly successful Disney's High School Musical team is back with another adventure for everyone's favorite Wildcats. On the last day of junior year, the East High gang can't wait to get the summer started – they're ready for summer jobs, money for college and to have fun. To that end, Troy gets them all jobs at Lava Springs Country Club – which happens to be owned by popular girl, Sharpay's, father! While Sharpay schemes to steal Troy's heart from Gabriella, her brother, Ryan, hopes to win the Star Dazzle Award. Everything comes to a head at the talent show, where the group has to remember their motto: "All for one, and one for all."

213 S. Main Street | Salisbury, NC | (704) 633-5471

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$14 - Adult | $12- Student/Senior
Group Rate (20 or more) - $11

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Box Office is Open M-F 9am-1pm
Or by phone 704.633.5471 M-F 9am-5pm


MAY 22-23, 2018

by appointment only


JUL 12-15 & 19-21, 2018


Available Roles

Troy Bolton An attractive teen dreamboat. Star and captain of the basketball team, he loves to sing with Gabriella. Determined to pick up a summer job and college basketball scholarship. Easily realizes the error of his ways. A true good-guy.

Chad Danforth Troy's best friend. Basketball star, and second-in-command. Saving money to buy a car so he can take Taylor on a date. A total dude.

Zeke Baylor A loyal friend of Troy's. Loves baking and Sharpay, even though she dumps him. Secures a job assisting the chef at the country club and vows to win back Sharpay.

Jack Scott  The high school P.A. announcer known as the "Velvet Fog of East High." A technology nerd. Socially awkward when not behind the microphone. Has a crush on Kelsi.

Gabriella Montez  The smart new girl in school and Troy's girlfriend. Pretty. Shy. Sweet. Friendly with everyone. Not afraid to stand up for herself and her friends.

Taylor Mckessie Gabriella's best friend and Chad's girlfriend. She is also the head brainiac of the school and president Science Club. Sweet, loyal, and cautious.

Martha Cox  A bookworm and a hip-hop dancer. Member of the Science Club. The fun-loving "sidekick" who becomes an adoring devotee of Gabriella.

Kelsi Nielsen A shy composer. Plays piano in the Lava Springs dining room. The diminutive musical genius who wants to write the great American musical for Troy and Gabriella.

Sharpay Evans  President of the Drama Club. Chief debutante of Lava Springs. Beautiful, egocentric star of the school musicals. The alpha dog in her relationship with her brother, Ryan.

Ryan Evans  Vice-president of the Drama Club. Sharpay's fraternal twin and a star in the making. Loves singing, dancing and attention. Follows Sharpay's orders, but wants to break free from her shadow. A nice, non-threatening guy when he's not with his sister.

Mr. Fulton General manager of Lava Springs Country Club. Sharpay's henpecked hatchet man. A nice guy underneath the authoritarian surface. Hates having to cater to Sharpay's demands.

Ensemble Other Wildcats; Pool Boys; Makeover Artists; Talent Show Contestants; The Sharpettes (Blossom, Violet, Peaches)