We're all in this together… again! The wildly successful Disney's High School Musical team is back with another adventure for everyone's favorite Wildcats. On the last day of junior year, the East High gang can't wait to get the summer started – they're ready for summer jobs, money for college and to have fun. To that end, Troy gets them all jobs at Lava Springs Country Club – which happens to be owned by popular girl, Sharpay's, father! While Sharpay schemes to steal Troy's heart from Gabriella, her brother, Ryan, hopes to win the Star Dazzle Award. Everything comes to a head at the talent show, where the group has to remember their motto: "All for one, and one for all."

213 S. Main Street | Salisbury, NC | (704) 633-5471

Ticket Prices (prices do not include tax)
$14 - Adult | $12- Student/Senior
Group Rate (20 or more) - $11

Box Office Information
Box Office is Open M-F 9am-1pm
Or by phone 704.633.5471 M-F 9am-5pm


MAY 22-23, 2018

by appointment only


JUL 12-15 & 18-21, 2018


TROY- Markus Byrd

GABRIELLA- Alonnah Murphy

SHARPAY- Emma Shelton

RYAN- Henry Thomas

CHAD- Michael Meres

TAYLOR- Emma Theriot

KELSI- Lillian Huebner

JACK SCOTT- Sirravada Norng

ZEKE- Micah Cross

VIOLET- Meredith Swaim

MARTHA COX- Kaylee Hawley

BLOSSOM- Annarah Shepherd

PEACHES- Berkley Loeblein

OBERON T. FULTON- Garrett Jennings


Thomas Gushlaw

Ben Moleta

Cooper Fleeman

Hayden Palmer

Alex Blumenthal

Kevin Leichman

Caroline Sobolowski

Mariah Hill

Kate White

Erin Amstein

Shelby Bryant

Cassie Miller

Karli Fuller