In this hilarious story of three brothers, Tom and his wife are about to adopt a baby. His brothers are anxious to help make a good impression on the woman from the agency who has arrived to check on the home and lifestyle of the prospective parents. Unfortunately Dick, who has stashed boxes of smuggled brandy and cigarettes in the house, and Harry, who is in possession of a cadaver he is planning to sell illegally to a medical school, fail miserably. The adoption agency representative is aghast - and the illegal Croatian aliens who do not speak English are no help at all!  Any fan of old-fashioned farce will love Tom, Dick & Harry!

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Tom Kerwood-  A likable young man who is awaiting to adopt a baby with his wife. Has a solid head on his shoulder, but gets swept up in the madness of his brothers’ schemes.

Dick Kerwood-  One of Tom’s brothers. Fancies himself a lovable rouge. Tries to help Tom financially by smuggling illegal cigarettes and alcohol using Tom’s car.

Harry Kerwood  Tom’s other brother.; eager to help, but dim. In an effort to help Tom buy the house he rents, he has taken a cadaver from the hospital he works at, and buried it in the yard to drop the property value.

Linda Kerwood-  Tom’s wife; An attractive and bright woman. Though she loves her husband, she has very little patience for his brothers and their antics, seeing them as a bad influence on Tom.

Katerina- An attractive but strong Kosovan woman who stowed away while Dick smuggled crates of alcohol across the border. Speaks very little English throughout the play, instead speaking in a foreign tongue.

Andreas  Katerina’s grandpa who snuck across the border with her and has now ended up in Tom’s house. Proceeds to drink crates of alcohol that Dick smuggled into town. Speaks very little English throughout the play, instead speaking in a foreign tongue.

Mrs. Potter  The head of the adoption agency. A formidable woman with a no-nonsense attitude. Is not pleased with all the mishaps happening, as Tom tries to make everything seem as though it’s perfectly normal.

Constable Downs  A police officer investigating the suspicious behavior happening around Tom’s house. Has inconvenient timing, and continues to pop up and investigate at the worst possible moments for Tom.

Boris  A sharply dressed European man. He is dangerous and has come looking for Andreas and Katerina.