Abandoned as a child, Tom Jones is now all grown up and launched into the bewildering romantic world. He falls madly in love with the virtuous Sophia Western -- but Sophia's father is determined to keep the two apart. In his pursuit of true love, the well-intentioned Tom finds himself the object of female attention and romantic complication. But will these misadventures permanently jeopardize his chances with Sophia? Adapted from the classic novel by Henry Fielding, Tom Jones is a bawdy and rollicking comedy that will have the audience in stitches.

213 South Main Street | Salisbury, NC | (704) 633-5471

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MAR 20-21 at 7pm


MAY 4-6 & 10-13 at 7:30pm

MAY 7 at 2:30pm

Ticket Prices (prices do not include tax)
$17 - Adult | $14 - Student/Senior
Wednesday Value Night  - $10
Group Rate (20 or more) - $13

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Box Office is Open M-F 9am-1pm
Or by phone 704.633.5471 M-F 9am-5pm

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TOM JONES:  Tom is handsome, sweet, charming, swashbuckling. slightly rough with an irresistible sincerity, genuine native charm and innocence, he is always ready to rescue any lady in distress and works from a point of honor and duty.

BLIFIL:  Tom’s horrible stepbrother; pretends a virtue he doesn’t possess, Tom’s advisory, he is somewhat odd or eccentric, slightly off center, he is funny and likeable with excellent comedic skills!

MOLLY SEAGRIM:  A real country wench; fiery, feisty, wildly wants out of her lower class life and can only do that by getting a gentleman,

SOPHIA WESTERN:  Sweet and virginal daughter of the squire.  A delicate beauty, she shares the same sweet sincerity as Tom, refined, intelligent, has a bit of fight in her, makes up her own mind.

MRS. WATERS:  A very likeable lady of warm heart and generous virtue. 

SQUIRE ALLWORTHY:  Nice old chap.  Father to Tom.


THWACKUM- Tom’s teacher.

SQUIRE WESTERN:  Oafish farmer.

HONOUR:  Molly’s younger sister, and not quite so debauched.

SUSAN:  Maid at Upton.  Spends much of her life on her hands and knees and no one pays her much attention.

MRS. FITZPATRICK:  She likes the men and will sell her granny for a shilling to get the one she wants.


CAPTAIN FITZPATRICK:  Drunken Irishman; estranged husband of Mrs. Fitzpatrick.

LORD FELLAMAR:  A handsome man but not a nice one.  A bit of a rogue.

ENSEMBLE:  Woman with basket, Andrews, Allworthy’s servant, Executioner, Bystanders, Priest, etc.