Annual Theater Membership

Your support plays a key part in sustaining the local institution of PPT and local cultural icons, the Meroney and the Norvell Theaters

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In years past, memberships have been effectively tied to annual theater ticket subscriptions. Moving forward, in addition to those memberships, we are offering general annual memberships at various giving levels.

With this new annual membership, patrons will be able to stay up-to-date with all the things going on at PPT, the Meroney and the Norvell Theaters, and the Salisbury/Rowan theater community in general. In addition to your membership contribution being 100% tax deductible, you will also receive advance invitations to purchase tickets to shows as well as special PPT events such as our annual “Night on the Stage” gala. Most importantly, you can take pride in demonstrating your appreciation for PPT and knowing that you are playing a key part to sustain the local institution of PPT and local cultural icons, the Meroney and the Norvell Theaters.

All Annual General Membership Contributions Include:

  • Advance Invitation to Purchase Theater Tickets
  • Priority Seating
  • Advance Invitation to Purchase Night on the Stage tickets and other PPT events
  • Recognition in PPT Playbill and other Printed and Digital Publications
  • 100% Tax Deductible Gift
  • Pride of Ownership in your Community Theaters

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Giving Levels

Below are the various giving levels; we encourage you to join at the highest level with which you are comfortable. We thank you in advance for helping to sustain PPT through these trying times and beyond!

  • Sustaining Membership

    $5,000.00 and Up

  • Producing Membership

    $1,000.00 and Up

  • Broadway Membership

    $500.00 and Up

  • Starring Role Membership

    $250.00 and Up

  • Curtains Up Membership

    $100.00 and Up

  • Stage Lights Membership

    $50.00 and Up