April 5-14, 2024

In rhyme, mime and mirth, this exciting comedy examines the familiar fairy tale from three points of view: the traditional, the Bears', then Goldilocks'. Guilty or innocent?

Was the young girl a selfish, spoiled brat, intruding where she didn't belong? Or was she the victim of three conniving bears (and their animal "band of hoods" in the woods)? Complete with a hard-of-hearing judge, a harried clerk, two comic lawyers and a jury—which gets involved in the action as tables, chairs, beds and forest animals. From the opening moment, when three vendors attempt to hawk souvenirs among the audience, to the surprising verdict from the jury—and a "happily ever after" conclusion—this play is both unique and enchanting.

About the show

Show Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes, including one 10-minute intermission.

Seating: Choose your seats when you purchase your tickets.

Handicap Accessible


Written By
Joseph Robinette

Production Staff:

Logan Flaherty