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My turn, Reid Leonard: Norvell there for students without theater program

A student at Salisbury High School came up to me last week and asked about Piedmont Players Theater’s schedule next season because the drama program at Salisbury High School had been discontinued and the teacher...
Dennis J Photography Alton Fitzgerald White will perform at Piedmont Players' Night on the Stage May 17 and 18, the theater's major fundraiser. White played the role of Mufasa in 'The Lion King' for more than 4,000 performances.

‘Night on the Stage’ performer having the time of his life

SALISBURY — Above all, Alton Fitzgerald White is positive. He exudes positive energy, even during a phone interview, and his goal is to keep growing, learning and performing. White will perform Friday and Saturday in...

How does Piedmont Players pick shows and develop seasons?

“Shakespeare in Love” was to have been the second show of the Piedmont Players 2019-2020 season in February. For some reason we still don’t fully understand, the rights were not available when we began to...

The Meroney Theater

Celebrating 25 years at the Meroney!

The Norvell Theater

Celebrating 10 years at the Norvell!