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Not just any ordinary Summer Camp

Our camps are designed to provide a fun and challenging experience for students eager to learn about the theatre! Your children will be able to explore and experience the theatre while learning valuable skills as an artist and actor.

Frozen Friends (1-4 Grade) - June 1-5 (9-2 daily)

Inspired by the hit movies Frozen and Frozen II, 1st through 4th grades will learn to expand their imaginations by pretending in the separate wintry and snowy tales. Snowball fights, paper snowflakes singing snowmen coming to life – who could ask for anything more!? School is out for “Snow Day” every day in this magical frozen frenzy sure to inspire your little Olaf or summer!

Behind the Scenes (6-12 Grade) - June 1-5 (9-2 daily)

Come see what it takes to make the show come to life. Learn costume, hair & makeup, stage managing, lights & sound and set build.

Forever Frozen (4-8 Grade) - June 8-12 (9-2 daily)

Inspired by the hit movies Frozen and Frozen II, 4th through 8th graders will explore stories of brother and sisterhood, the dream of belonging, and the value of helping others. Using our improv and beginning acting skills we’ll learn how to create a frozen tundra in the middle of the summer heat and find out how to make friends out of foe. We’re skipping class and hitting the slopes in this special one week Forever Frozen experience.

Barnyard Boogie (4-6 year olds) - June 8-12 (9-12 daily)

Our youngest performers will become barnyard animals and farmers in this fun introduction to creative drama. Music, games, and crafts will fill our week with old-fashioned fun. Sharing for family and friends on last day of camp.

Broadway Bootcamp - 2wk (4-8 grade) - June 15-26 (9-2 daily)

Today’s Broadway looks nothing like it did 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. In this Broadway Bootcamp – we’ll get to know six of the biggest most critically acclaimed musicals from the past ten years – Beetlejuice, Dear Evan Hansen, Mean Girls, Come From Away, Hadestown and Book of Mormon. We’ll learn how to use our own life experience to inform what we do with a character. Whether you’re. “Regina George” in real life or an imaginary friend of Dear Evan Hansen – there’s a place for everyone in today’s Broadway landscape.

Some Pig! (1-4 grade) - June 15-19 (9-2 daily)

Join us on the farm as we bring your favorite characters from Charlotte's Web to life through creative drama, art, and music. Sharing for family and friends on last day of camp.

School of Rock (4-8 grade) - June 22-26 (9-2 daily)

Come learn the top musical selections from School House Rock. “Schoolhouse Rocky, A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing, and Unpack Your Adjectives. School has never been so much fun!

Pete The Cat (K-3 grade) - July 6-10 (9-2 daily)

Go walking down the street wearing your brand new white shoes and encounter Pete as he has a Pizza party, makes cool cupcakes and gets “Groovy” with buttons! Song, art activities, dance and creative dramatics take us on a magical journey with this larger than life character; Pete The Cat!

Broadway Bootcamp - 1wk (7-12 grade) - July 13-17 (9-2 daily)

One of the most popular camps ever is back. Learn the dance steps and songs of some of the most popular shows in Broadway history.

Wizards and Wonders (4-8 grade) - July 13-17 (9-2 daily)

Travel the Hogwarts Express to a land filled with intrigue, magic, and wonderment. Learn techniques for turning something ordinary into something extraordinary; how to keep an audience on the edge of their seat; and how to breathe magic into every waking moment of life. We’ll use the characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione to discover the building blocks of good social character and then convey all that we’ve learned into a magical theatrical experience.

Pirates and Princesses (K-3 grade) - July 20-24 (9-2 daily)

Ahoy Matey!!! The local Princesses are all revolting and want to stow away on the closest Pirate Ship! As you can well imagine; the Pirates AREN’T having it! Fun, fishnets and ultimately friendship prevail in this week long journey on the high seas of fun!

Superheroes Save The World! (4-8 grade) - July 27-31 (9-2 daily)

Do you know what lives in the heart of a Superhero? Find out what your own superpowers are and examine what it takes to save the world in this innovative and inventive camp where we explore the superheroes in modern myths and legends and the superheroes in our own lives. Through writing, sharing stories and exploring songs we will find out what it really takes to make the world a better place.

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